Collection: Rattan Decoration

Homing instinct,

brought us to be home

“Querencia” is a metaphysical concept in Spanish. The term comes from the verb “querer”, which means “to desire”. It is also defined as an “instinct to move, a favourite place.”

That is a place where one feels safe, a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn. A place where you feel at home - where you are your most authentic self.

After going through the pandemic with a deeper understanding than ever, CuoiHome wishes to present our first collection: “Querencia - Healing in your home”, which aims to bring everyone a sense of security when

8 you are with friends and family. So whenever or wherever 9 you are, from the garden to the bedroom, bathroom,
or dining room, with
CuoiHome’s rattan combination products, you always have a feeling of safety, closeness and peace of mind, as warm as a hug from where you are

- “Peace everywhere you are”.

The collection “Querencia - Healing in your home” is a concept of rattan crafts with many different uses. Deep inside, you will easily come across backstories and journeys of making rattan CuoiHome products by experienced artisans from Vietnam.

Our mission goes beyond financial commercials; by standing with CuoiHome, you also choose to save the intrinsic spiritual values of the country.